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      LifreeBio is a Sino-foreign joint venture, Canada is a research and development base in China for the production and sale of an entity. Is a global leader in the development of bio-materials modified, intelligent research and development of polymer electronic materials, animal husbandry biomaterials and human intelligent electronic materials development as the main integrated team.
      We have a perfect independent research and development system and team, with the world's first leading intelligent biomaterials, to achieve the application of independent innovation patents and research and development, transformation and industrialization.

Corporate Vision

      LifreeThe mission of biology is to apply the latest achievements of modern life sciences to human and animal health so as to enhance their happiness and further develop and produce new and advanced life science technologies and products with more outstanding quality and top quality.

Development history

Lifreebio-company launched bio-material modification, intelligent polymer electronic materials research and development; more in-depth research and development of animal husbandry biomaterials, the human body intelligent electronic materials.


Team Company: Hong Kong release bio-company set up to start the application of patents and R & D results, transformation and industrialization of the preparatory work.


Lifreebio-companyscience and Technology (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. was established to launch product patent applications, the construction of intelligent bio-electronic skin factories, the formation of mainland China R & D, production and sales team; intelligent wearable bio-electronic skin products official production and sales.
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